Quality ScoreQuestion ScoreQuestion
79162Why is 80 characters the 'standard' limit for code width?
8057Do I need to use an interface when only one class will ever implement it?
9740Why is Java version 1.X referred to as Java X?
9137IPv4 to IPv6. where is IPv5?
9034How can I reformat my condition to make it better?
9633Are exceptions an OOP concept?
8128What does it mean by atomic commit for a versioning system?
8027How will quantum computing change programming?
8925Why is it often said that the test cases need to be made before we start coding? (closed)
9623What language was "standard" for Apple development before Objective C?
9422What is "swarming"?
9221What does it mean to expose a C++ code publicly as a C API and what are the advantages of doing it?
9421Is XHTML5 dead or is it just an synonym of HTML5?
9620How to check if 4 points form a square?
9419"Public APIs are forever: Only one chance to get it right"?
8516Is it common for a programmer not to know the difference between C and C++? (closed)
9415Reverse engineering: what is it really good for? (closed)
9815Hardware requirements
6615Schizophrenic Developer Discussion (deleted)
9614What would be the Impact of P=NP? (closed)
9412Why does Java use UTF-16 for internal string representation?
9412What came first, the compiler, or the source?
8412Advantages and disadvantages to using XAML/C# or HTML5/JavaScipt for Metro apps? (closed)
9511Velocity does not plateau over time, why?
9411How to learn Cloud Computing and Big Data at home? (closed)
9210Should I add an "Abstract" prefix to my abstract classes?
8510Using git correctly in a small team
859In what programming language did "let" first appear?
859Model-View-Controller (MVC) Which component handles save/load operations?
899Constants in C#
959Why is the minimum value of ints, doubles, etc 1 farther from zero than the positive value?
868In python, is it considered better to define a module with functions or a module with a class that contains functions? (closed)
888Math library methods in Google's Go Programming Language
968Is there any difference between return n and exit(n) in C?
888Why error codes are negated?
888What is the logic for setting the version numbers in an app?
968How long to spend estimating programming tasks?
938When do you typically write a software module yourself vs. buying an existing product?
927Evaluating a product owner
947Why did Golang discontinue the "netchan" package?
917Why would an employer ask for a 'long' code sample?
977How do most sync programs monitor file changes?
907Is there a website where we can discuss and improve upon code snippets?
947What are the benefits of using the command line for software development?
927Make use of design patterns in C?
697What is the wireframe of a project?
946Pure C++ for iOS apps
896What's the point of passing a parameter by reference in C#? (closed)
946What's the difference between a marshaller and a serializer?
996Why is it called Just In Time?
966Pricing of a collaborative work (closed)
986Should I still use Debug.Assert today?
956Real world usage of DelayQueue
886When was source control invented?
866Why is there a leading zero in HTML 4.01 version number?
856Why do some of object oriented languages let programmer use primitive types?
906Google App Engine, what are the advantages and limitations?
886is there anything else like WPF can run in Linux and Mac
705first virtual machine language? - Java? (deleted)
825When to use Advanced Message Queuing Protocol like RabbitMQ?
825What is Global Delivery Model?
825Is it ok to use static (compile-time) assertions in unit tests?
905Commenting regular expressions
995Should I rewrite the git history of a non-GPL project to remove GPL code that was later removed?
945Why do generics in Scala have erased types, and are not reifiable?
995Is the creator of a piece of software bound by the license he gives it?
855Is it a good idea to write an OS in a scripting language? (closed)
925Responding to end users about bugs they found
845Small assembly language project for practice (closed)
805What is the difference between "recursion" and "self-reference"?
735Role Difference between StakeHolder and ProductOwner
945How to learn new technologies without live projects
815Word for the superset of files and folders
885TDD in JavaScript (closed)
995How can I create my own software license? (closed)
944Technical analysis in software development
864What is a zombie process or thread?
854What is a Spring AOP 'advice'?
984What is the best way to handle last minute changes to product scope?
834Is "frontend" generic term or it is used only in web design?
774Debug PHP: is XDebug worthwhile? Are there any alternatives?
964Ways to have a history of changes of database entries
754Optimal buffer size for fread/fwrite (closed)
954How to setup TDD environment
844Is there a web c/c++ IDE with code intelligence? (closed)
904How to deal with over-complication?
854What are studies comparing programmer productivity in determined languages/environments?
954What is the purpose of Console in Sublime text editor?
904Why we don't import a package while we use String functions?
874Is programming language that is non-visual ... possible? (closed)
974Fundamental Difference between fn() and new fn() in javascript
934Is there any well-known commercial project which is currently an open source ? (closed)
944Best practices to avoid fake profiles?
954What is the rationale behind entering email twice for registration?
914Is there any difference between pointers and references? (closed)
814What does the term "brick bios" mean? (deleted)
913What is the Ken Thompson Hack? (closed)
933Why is the UI of nowadays application getting so "plain"? (closed)
993Is it safe to modify sources in repository while git svn dcommit is in progress?
873Could Ruby on Rails haven been create in another language?
873Extreme Programming Daily Commits
753What are some best practices for deleting from source control?
963How safe is it if I store passwords in app.config in C# .net 4
943Testing thread safety
743What is the difference between SOAP and Web Services?
883How often do SCJP questions change?
923Create Tickets From TODO (or otherwise annotated) comments
953Which aspect of normal forms do entity-attribute-value tables violate, if any?
763How secure (or insecure) is it to install Node packages globally?
913Is it possible to use python as a shell replacement? (closed)
963A good name for a variable containing either Row and Column objects? (closed)
983What are the main differences between FUML and the Executable UML profile?
983Difference between Unified Process model and agile development
833How to automate the API Diff document?
943Are costs part of the requirements?
903A single language to learn to develop desktop and mobile phone applications? (closed)
863What is the difference between a freelancer programmer and a Programmer working in a Software company?
893What does the term "Payload" mean in programming
793What's more restrictive, the RPL or the AGPL?
943Are immutable/stateless singletons bad?
953is it possible to auto-generate annotated POJO from a table
923It's ok to study the C++ from a book that only support the 1998 version of standard?
733Is a project without license public domain?
883What classes to put exactly in a class diagram?
953How are functions called when passing ++
833How does a browser determine that a script has run for too long? (closed)
943What is meant by sandboxing?
943Any requirements tool recommendation?
803Is the singleton pattern prone to thread safety problems?
843Which would be the best platform to develop websites to be used with very slow connections without sacrificing too much the design? (closed)
903JSF best practice for binding UI components to backing bean?
973What is meant by a "First Class Protocol"
913What's the difference between overloading a method and overriding it in Java?
712What are the applications of Go programming language?
922HTML5 and gaming practices (closed)
992Where can I find a changelog that lists every Linux kernel change? (closed)
802What is a "Business Intelligence" Developer?
872How are blocking calls implemented?
822Why did the ISO 8601 committee choose Monday as the first day of the week? (closed)
942Silverlight, one database per user
992High-level language to assembly
912Why is an interface in Java not allowed to have state? (closed)
852Where (if there is) is the IEEE glossary newer than 1990?
942ISC license advice (closed)
932Sets Data Structure in Golang
942Why does Scheme r5rs have no module system
802Number of lines of code in a piece of software (closed)
882How to run thread if multiple data is insert in the multiple table
842Less vs Stylus vs Sass (closed)
902Programming language trends
952How much harder is it to learn Open GL ES 2.0 than 1.x
782What is the difference of delegator and dispatcher?
952Wiki/markup in enterprise as documentation (closed)
962How to prevent piracy on software which is sold online? (closed)
952FSM drawing tool with export to XMI (closed)
912What is meaning of the term "Sans" in a class name?
922Is it safe to use LAST_INSERT_ID() in a system like Point of Sale
812Convention for writing Python without newlines or whitespace?
822Can display issues affect SEO?
942Command line merge conflict tools
942Equivalent of Domain Driven Design for functional programming languages
832What is a closure and how is it implemented in Ruby?
942How do IDE-s provide auto-completion, instant error checking and debugging? (closed)
862Best practice for packing Java enums?
942how to model this relationship ? in ERD
882Do you apply the knowledge gained from Certificates within a meaningful time span (closed)
952Is there any Common Name for Edit,Save,Delete,Select
992Arguments for development environment being the same as production
812Rest Design concerning user login
952Standards of unit testing output
812How are new[] and malloc implemented in Windows?
962Resources for writing a parser combinator library
942How many bits' address is required for a computer with n bytes of memory?
942What is Delegation and why is it important in iOS programming?
902Where to put Administrative Features
942Design backward and forward button operations of a browser
942How to show code samples in an interview?
922what is a efficient way to find repeating decimal
962How can I create a web form that displays and accepts Tamil language?
902Block a user from viewing a PDF until they log in? (deleted)
792Why do a lot of projects publish 64-bit releases for Linux but not for other platforms? (deleted)
852Difference between count(*) and count(1) in mysql? (deleted)
992What should every programmer know beside programming? (deleted)
941What is a good program for trying out a new language? (deleted)
941What happens when there is partial initialization of an array of struct in C? (deleted)
791How do I read the shortcut path of a printer shortcut linking to a shared printer over UNC with vbs? (deleted)
891What languages are known for being used in big one-person accomplishments? (deleted)
971How to build Javascript/NodeJS GTK desktop gui app? (deleted)
891git commit - how can I see the changes that were made while doing a commit (deleted)
951SQL Server and application with its own users (deleted)
951What does using ZeroMQ in Erlang offer that Erlang already didn't?
921What does "if w in [1..5, 8, 11]" mean in pseudo code?
951Mac OS X Certification (deleted)
871Why would I use Redis? (closed)
941How to be very good at converting design to css (closed)
951Name for a tree where nodes hold a reference to their parent as well as their children
951What is the difference between polymorphism and factory method? (closed)
961Annexes in Ada95
891Can the Turing machine be classified?
941What is a "template" in Perl?
991Apply vs. Ok buttons (closed)
961Rotate, Scale and Transform in video games
841Combining KanBan in a SCRUM process
851Separation versus Segregation
941In TFS, how should different "releases" be structured? (version 1.0, version 2.0) (closed)
771What is Difference between Array and Vector in java? (closed)
921What is Context Diagram in a SRS?
951Condition based function declarations
761Both constructor and setter injection together in Spring?
951Are Design Patterns SuperSet of OOP or SubSet?
861Capitalization convention for C# protected fields
861Why don't we have web IDEs?
851Product owners with more than one product?
981Inter-process and inter-thread data sharing (closed)
861How to represent association in programs (closed)
891Is BSD-License compatible with Apple AppStores?
871Is SAN system administrator different than normal sys admin (closed)
901Does reading fiction improve one's ability to read technical material? (closed)
941User Authentication. Database lookup vs RPC call
871With entity framework - who needs a DAL
901Sencha Ext JS run time license
881What are complete programming languages with a minimal syntax and how is that important? (closed)
941Is it wrong to push messages from server to client in a client-server application?
881Any good references for Learning C++ ? (closed)
881Can I develop OpenGL ES iPhone simple physics app with Xcode 3 in C++ without a GUI?
811Tree vs Graphs in search
941Do compilers have to be written for each model of CPU?
881Is it bad to learn multiple programming languages? (closed)
951How to start a ruby community? (closed)
941Why do we sign a .JAR ? or a tag on github?
981Is Creative-Commons license compatible with Apache License?
701Objective-C: blocks v NSNotificationCenter
951Asp MVC section and partial views
951Why are some data types Deprecated while others Obsolete? (closed)
941External file (images, sounds) naming convention at Xcode
851Good practices to write Tags at SVN (closed)
951As per IEEE 12207, who has to perform SW integration testing?
941How do you measure yourself as a programmer? (closed)
981Possible to get RSS feed on github project updates/releases? (closed)
781Constants and Big O (closed)
941is Oracle ADF Mobile free? and what is it's usage scope? (closed)
901What can I do to strengthen up my pen and pencil coding skills? (closed)
991How to find a project that uses specific frameworks/technologies? (closed)
831Are any live online Oracle Instances available for learning PL/SQL? (closed)
850Would this be considered dependency injection? (closed)
960Windows 8 development in Mac (closed)
930Where can I find a punched card simulator? (closed)
870Are there any good python libraries for programming GUI's on MAC and Windows? (closed)
930MIPS has been used a multiprocessor architecture in the past. Is anyone using it in a multicore SoC? (closed)
960Design pattern in non object oriented language (closed)
670What is LPCTSTR?
700How to become a passionate programmer? (closed)
930How to store data in Gujarati language in SQLite?
830What is the difference between technical specifications and design documents?
970Given number which equals the sum of some of the 10 numbers. How to determine that given number contains one of 10 numbers?
900HTML5 file API or Java bridge to acces to local Files?
850Is Flash disappearing? (closed)
800Why to use FragmentManager inside Activity?
880Sample iOS apps that consume web services, specifically RESTful web services (closed)
880How much should app iphone or ipad development cost? (closed)
940How often do SCJP questions change? (closed)
940How do I create a .NET WebService for File Upload (closed)
810Proper name for a project supports 2 different release
910Is there a manageable way of keeping track of loose code? (closed)
910Web development in objective-C (closed)
800Using namespacing in XML is similar concept as that of using Packages in programming?
900Why does JSF automatically generate names for html components and can this be overridden?
890What Exactly is a Model Relative to the ModelAndView Class in Spring
910Tool for work between UI/UX Designers and developers to show animations (closed)
970Making sure users have a modern web browser (closed)
990Licensing: source code vs. production code in JavaScript
980Indenting/formatting brackets like { } and [ ] (closed)
990Calculations in Vector Register
950Liability for public domain software (closed)
880Does it make sense and is it to acceptable to say ".NET code"? (closed)
920Can the user not manipulate html elements which are disabled for non-permitted user
950Slow if use object cross referecing
990Formal study about trends and prevalence of agile vs traditional methodology in the industry
920What are inexpensive ways to have a dedicated dev server in college? (closed)
980Do software copyrights apply to Source Code or Binary Code? (closed)
970Why does Java have a "bad rap" (closed)
940What are the best practices and strategies for transferring an outsourced software development project in-house? (closed)
770Naming for a class that consumes an iterator pattern (closed)
790Are monolith and microkernel design patterns or strategies?
770Can publicly accessible code be closed source?
790How to test if a hashing algorithm is good? (closed)
990How to make Ninject inject an MVC view model?
900What is it called when you're developing a web application where every url has its own php file
870C# dynamics and Expando object (closed)
970Will the Apache License or the GPL License protect my trademarks?
860How to call module that contains only application settings and localization information?
880define a gradient color and call that into a button for a background color? (closed)
820How can a server initiate request in SIP protocol?
920Methods to get the screen resolution before a web page is getting loaded (closed)
940Benefit of C++ to System Administrators
970How can I get assembly from an EXE?
990Setting up Netbeans for CGI scripts in C++ (closed)
970When can one call themselves a "Rubyist"? (closed)
920Software Requirement Specification documentation by professionals
930What mac applications use full code hinting for PHP?
880Multiple files in powershell (closed)
830Moving sql database (closed)
890How to prepare for a job interview with GE Capital’s Information Technology Leadership Program? (deleted)
880How GUI toolkits are made for c++?
840Is Delphi useful to know (deleted)
950Old Borland C programs (closed)
960What are the advantages of server-side Javascript and when would you use it? (closed)
970How to create p2p enviroment in single laptop?
950Permission to use your job satisfaction survey (deleted)
800Who Gets Email sent to test@example.com? (deleted)
770In what implementation(s) is Doubly-Linked List actually used? (deleted)
790Simplest Dynamic Programming article (deleted)
780What is the difference between this site and StackOverflow? (deleted)
980Programming knowledge and Architecture knowledge for great products (deleted)
920Is a stack of stacks (of stacks of...) useful? (deleted)
970What does a Software Analyst internship position entail? (deleted)
910PyDev plugin for Eclipse (deleted)
830C++ setw() for Java (deleted)
820Computing CPU time in C++ (deleted)
830does a creative resume help in job hunting? (deleted)
780Good example of open source code/project using TDD + YII/PHP (deleted)
900SQLite Database : Good Practices for Mobile Apps (deleted)
900What are VLAN layers? (deleted)
880SmartScreen Filter - When does it recognize my app as safe? (deleted)
950If verification is quality control, what is validation? (deleted)
790Determining which Sunday in Ruby (deleted)
960Removing or Hiding JTable drag selection outline (deleted)
790Can anyone explain SOA? (deleted)
950How to edit main form visually in visual c++ 6 (deleted)
970Group numbers to minimize intergroup mean distance and intragroup variance (deleted)
940How do i migrate a question posted by mistake on PROGRAMMERS to stack overflow? (deleted)
860Java Developer/Gwt Developer (deleted)
890C++ and Quickbooks (deleted)
700Why Java programmers are given more importance in industry than .Net programmers? (deleted)
980template for interface requirement (deleted)
970Is white-box testing static analysis? (deleted)
830How to get stats through API about an email sent with Mandrill? (deleted)
980installing gorm in windows for objective c gui (deleted)
900Ruby on Rails book with exercises (deleted)
890Disable all the fields in an InfoPath 2010 form after it has been submitted? (deleted)
810Java file question-reading line file at specific number of line (deleted)
760Other forms of dynamic analysis than profiling? (deleted)
940Do people write HTML by hand? (deleted)
950Inverse Laplace transform in matlab (deleted)
760Same md5 hash with different input (deleted)
940where can I find what version of python the python application has been developed in? (deleted)
860Want to learn Oracle at home (deleted)
680Was HipHop the reason who made Facebook performs well? (deleted)
900What does real QA engineer do? (deleted)
940Who is behind Spam? (deleted)
760How can we test UI using Agile methods (deleted)
930How to get next element of an iframe DOM on click? (deleted)
940How to randomly distribute a value x across k variables? (deleted)
780How to make dynamic named pages? (deleted)
920Can we trigger one DB table to another DB table in SQL server 2008? (deleted)
970How to create a portable PHP 5.4 install? (deleted)
800NodeJs: How to export all the modules and variables in a Javascript file? (deleted)
940Best technololy news magazine? (deleted)
920What is the difference between a Resume and a CV (Curriculum vitae)? (deleted)
860What is memoization? (deleted)
940How can we search in another branch than master in a private github repository? (deleted)
800What is the serialVersionUID in Java? (deleted)
81-1Familiarizing with the magento in 15 days (deleted)
98-1Do any public clouds permit git hosting? (deleted)
86-1How to get a programming book published (deleted)
67-1XML Validation With XmlReader in .NET (deleted)
87-1What are the most frequently used web service protocols & what are the pros & cons (deleted)
88-1Best approach to writing Mocks for RESTful services (deleted)
95-1Why does the java installer try to install spy toolbars such as Ask and Yahoo (deleted)
86-1What's a good mentality for handling deadline driven tasks? (deleted)
82-1Go Programming for .Net? (deleted)
92-1developing image editor in java (deleted)
79-1What (if any) nationally-recognized programming certifications have you found helpful for employment opportunities? (deleted)
99-1Algorithm for generating crossword puzzles (deleted)
88-1Do I need to pay apple to be a developer to write iOS apps for the apple store? (deleted)
74-1I am doing manual testing how can i develop myself for software testing or automation in java or Shell scripting? (deleted)
92-1What all do you think are blunders created in Java by the language designers? (deleted)
82-1Running windows shell commands with python (deleted)
93-1Do I need to learn HTML from beginning in order to learn HTML5? (deleted)
95-1How to install a msi using python script? (deleted)
76-1How to write a program in c++ that when you run the program the window would be hidden instead of showing itself? (deleted)
86-1How do I make an IOS app *require* DNSSec? (deleted)
97-1Sheets renaming in visual studio report viewer (deleted)
81-1Is there a JavaScript library for pattern matching for JSON similar to Scala's ? (deleted)
86-1Hibernate Mapping Same Schema (deleted)
76-1Allowed to use Data/News from a Website in my App? (deleted)
98-1What new features should be added to current software maintainability metrics? (deleted)
79-1Boyer–Moore string search algorithm (deleted)
87-1Fortran compiling (deleted)
80-1Splitting a bit array in Verilog (deleted)
92-1Decorator as type signature (deleted)
94-1XOR Gate and Artificial Intelligence (deleted)
86-1How is Mac OS X Spotlight implemented? (deleted)
72-1What patterns should Android developer know? (deleted)
77-1Customization in asp.net dynamic data website linq to sql (deleted)
96-1How to display image using opengl? (deleted)
90-1How to override "do" keyword? (deleted)
87-1Eclipse or Netbeans, which has better support for android development? (deleted)
99-1How much time it takes to learn ASP.NET AND c# for experienced programmer (deleted)
94-1How to find the Version of the FLASH IDE an fla file was created in (deleted)
95-1how do I connect to my oracle db which is in remote desktop through VB (deleted)
99-1Patented or copyrighted numbers (deleted)
96-1How to integrate Web Service into existing Java project? (deleted)
96-1JMF: How to trigger event when player reaches certain time playing a video? (deleted)
85-1Identifying good fresher for programming job (deleted)
95-1Are websites proprietary software? (deleted)
87-1Questions about IDEs (deleted)
71-1Nice book to learn assembly language (x86) on wiindows machine using nasm? (deleted)
95-1Good book for learning assembly language x86 on windows using NASM (deleted)
94-1Career KPIs for developer (deleted)
92-1What strings satisfy the "equation" "the checksum of this string is 0x<something>" for common checksumming algorithms? (deleted)
75-1Why Java primitive arrays have fixed length? (deleted)
85-1Use of Generic types (deleted)
99-1Useful development tools (deleted)
89-1What are the kinds of "hell" e.g. DLL Hell etc there are? (deleted)
77-1How do you learn new technologies? (deleted)
86-1Using Lucene, Solr or elasticsearch to index Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files or OpenStack SWIFT (deleted)
88-1Good URS and FRS templates? (deleted)
85-1Hyperbola in html (deleted)
95-1use of new keyword in class declaration (deleted)
96-1Which DVCS (hg, git or others) to learn to be better off? (deleted)
87-1Tidal prediction API (deleted)
95-1BlazeDS counterpart like Push data technology for PHP from flex (deleted)
88-1Variable in a Text Input (deleted)
86-1Database comparison tool for IBM db2 like OPatch? (deleted)
98-1How to choose correct tool for development? (deleted)
94-1Getting command-line user input in Javascript (deleted)
95-1Better practices to speed up sites at wordpress (deleted)
68-1New job, lots of problems (deleted)
92-1What is the best strategy for developing classes for a program in c++ (deleted)
85-1ANTLR and Xtext (deleted)
92-1Singleton vs MVC vs Factory, Which one is better for Scope and Reusability (deleted)
97-1Apple emoji images license (deleted)
92-1How important is common-sense in programming? (deleted)
94-1Is there out any real world backbone.js web application in .net framework(preferably asp.net mvc) (deleted)
97-1Is there a way to print out all solutions to the 0-1 Knapsack problem using dynamic programming in O(nC) time? (deleted)
80-1Could you please explain the inout(blah) func() inout {} function prototype in D-programming (dmd 2.059) (deleted)
89-1Program like fog creek's MBA (deleted)
85-1where can i take sound effects for webcam software? (deleted)
71-1Any software free available for regression testing? (deleted)
98-1Programming posters that are both useful and look good on a wall? (deleted)
82-1Working with Object Oriented Databases - book recommendations? (deleted)
90-1dataset binding with .rdlc report in vs2008 windows application (deleted)
93-1what is the diff between c# and ASP.NET (deleted)
95-1User interface development (deleted)
88-1Turnkey traffic light dashboard application that displays system status (deleted)
76-1How to estimate cost and effort for a project (deleted)
95-1Brief and Precise book for webservices starters? (closed)
81-1Why should I use the function migration in codeigniter?
92-1How to interact with C++ API through http commands?
79-1What non online Coding school in the Bay area is best? (closed)
94-1The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference (closed)
95-1Can you use GitHub via a web interface? (closed)
88-1what is version control, svn and git hub? (deleted)
96-1How to develop Asp.Net application with CRM Model (deleted)
74-1Which is the best tutorial to learn python? (deleted)
88-1how to implement messaging like facebook with in the application? (deleted)
99-1Cache While Developing or Finish Development then Cache? (closed)
95-1What are some books that explain low level stuff like com interfaces, dll injection etc? (closed)
72-1What's the difference between VBA and VB Script? (closed)
94-1Study Doom 3 Source Code (closed)
92-1Which book do you think is better for learning Java SE, core java or murach's java? (closed)
75-1How to create Custom Events in Action Script 3 (closed)
95-1Java equivalent for Python NLTK (closed)
95-1Find the files algorithm (closed)
90-1What is a key event Dispatcher in keyboard-interactive apps?
96-1strongest free c++ user password storage encryption/hashing library? (closed)
92-1Should I use simple socket programming to communicate between 2 threads? (closed)
99-1Which one of the stages in the traditional software life cycle do you consider to be the most important, and why? (closed)
84-1Sell software to the world (closed)
95-1How do I assign permissions in TFS for a general user? (closed)
99-1What's is the actual reason that JavaScript is not enough to draw? (closed)
71-1licensing status of LGPL video codecs under iOS as of May 2012? (closed)
92-1switch-case with Strings in Java (closed)
85-1What is the difference between class level attributes, Class constants and singleton methods?
95-1How would I create a program in python that would pull data from the web (closed)
99-1What is the current status of Adobe AIR on Android? (closed)
91-1What is the opposite of "idiomatic?" (closed)
95-1Creating Own Android Market
99-1Can I change operator precedence and associativity in C++?
83-1Any one ever heard of the term collapsed Backbone? (closed)
89-1Coding guidelines for seamless merging
91-1Do i have to pay to use the rtf, pdf, Microsoft Word, and/or open document formats (closed)
99-1Conceptual difference between Git and GitHub
91-1Can jQuery be used server side? (closed)
92-2Development env for PHP Javascript HTML and CSS (closed)
86-2Using database Indexes (closed)
84-2Differential and integral calculus for programmer (closed)
99-2How to turn a Netbeans project into .exe?
93-2Specifying Author in Source Code in a Commercial Product
78-2What's the difference between dictionary word "Scheme" and Computer term "Schema"
94-2Problems with large number of redirects in .htaccess? (closed)
92-2What's the most interesting open source project for you? (closed)
80-2VB.Net object Program can run in Windows 8 Phone?
84-2Any good (free) ebook recommendations on Android Development? (closed)
91-2terms for the html/css/javascript model?
99-2What are some good open source iOS components & libraries? (closed)
90-2Why is Java's reflection package considered the dark side of the force? (closed)
94-2Selling software instead of on-demand work (closed)
73-2Do companies make SRS reports these days? (closed)
94-2What distinguishes one as "expert" at OOD? (closed)
98-2Do you use interface as tagging system for the code? (closed)
97-2How, in addition to backpropagation, are neural networks trained? (closed)
82-2What design patterns does every developer need to know (closed)
94-2NLP as a job requirement
91-2Spring Transactions (closed)
96-2Can I call a script created in php a "web application" (closed)
81-2With libraries available, should programmers also learn the old way of writting the same things? (closed)
94-2Will a program ever crash if the main loop is put in a try/catch block (closed)
98-2Methodology for software facing internet connections? (closed)
99-2What happens when we take a substring of text larger than the text itself? (closed)
96-2where I can find examples of antipatterns (functional decomposition) in C# source code? (closed)
94-2Best major in conjunction with a computer science major for low level programming and algorithm efficiency (closed)
85-2Why notify and wait are not declared in threads?
90-2how to create user specific URL in PHP codeigniter? (closed)
89-2How DateTime data type is stored in different database systems? (closed)
84-2Is there a code tag to indicate "need improvement" on code comments? (closed)
95-2Requisite background for software developer? (deleted)
98-2How would you design and implement the internet (broadly speaking)? (deleted)
96-2Graduate Studies (deleted)
81-2Courses for UI Designer (closed)
94-2Silverlight support from Microsoft (closed)
99-2JVM tuning training (closed)
76-2in asp.net how we define a roles/ permission via GUI n check-box selection roles to particular user? (closed)
95-2Developing debugger for proprietary softwares (closed)
73-2NoSQL types drawbacks and advantages (closed)
93-2What is the difference, between a server and a mainframe? (closed)
98-2Personal study guide. Java (closed)
99-2About Artificial Intelligence (closed)
99-2Error character encoding in Netbeans (deleted)
88-2persistent class and object in abap (deleted)
89-2Application icon (deleted)
95-2where to study c# (deleted)
86-2Wordpress contact form to CRM system with XML (deleted)
92-2What Xcode template to use for building iPhone app with google maps? (deleted)
93-2How to test resume scanning software on internet (deleted)
97-2How to create sql backup of database for Grails Application? (deleted)
94-2I want a way to dump float values that is not in decimal exponent (deleted)
97-2Data driven testing using tool for delphi application (deleted)
94-2What is the value of ISTQB certification and what are the levels in it? (deleted)
95-2Using CVS in wxDev C++ (deleted)
92-2Templates for phpDoc and PDF (deleted)
88-2Anyone know which framework(s) could be used to make an app like Pulse News? (deleted)
86-2Changing image after a certain time (deleted)
72-2An internship is asking for a front end code sample, but I already sent them a link to the site I've built. What should I send them? (deleted)
95-2Drawing Pictures in Server Client Application (deleted)
82-2In memory gunzip and zip! (deleted)
99-2Cross Apply issue (deleted)
72-2What is the best python IDE for building applications with wxPython? (deleted)
89-2Looking for few books about Oracle PL/SQL and Clarion (deleted)
76-2Is it possible to stream continuous infinite mp3 file with Ruby On Rails? (deleted)
91-2Smartphone apps every programmer should have (deleted)
84-2How can i calculate the running balance for debit and credit on the same row in ms access 2007? (deleted)
78-2Future of making career in OpenText LiveLink? (deleted)
75-2two columns in a dropdownlist of combobox/select list using css only (deleted)
91-2Does the url change when a form is submitted in an iframe? (deleted)
80-2which platform is better for webdevelopment (deleted)
74-2How many developer jobs are opened in Europe? (deleted)
80-2OnCall and Staff Scheduling (deleted)
95-2Better sprite sheet naming conventions at Xcode (deleted)
80-2how can CISC/RISC architecture be simulated to get their performance evaluations? (deleted)
78-2Best Learning Resources for EJB (deleted)
96-2PHP Programming Online Education (deleted)
97-2How do you stay organized with the github issue system? (deleted)
81-2CodeIgniter post installation - PHP Error (deleted)
86-2Bootstrap for PrestaShop (deleted)
94-2What are the pro's and con's of using spring with web services instead of calling controllers via http (deleted)
97-2Can I use Excel VBA to capture data from a pH-meter device? (deleted)
88-2Is ARP Cache spoofer legal (deleted)
95-2How to change the popup box (UIAlertview) color? (deleted)
85-2How to display multiple images in jsp using IOUtils package in java? (deleted)
97-2Biztalk support in visual studio 2012? (deleted)
79-2Explanation of potential fields for robot navigation (deleted)
75-2General guidelines / thoughts / ideas for the creation of safe, anti-cheating online quizes/exams? (deleted)
80-2How to create a two column footnote in word 2007? (deleted)
89-2Industries where Java is Popular (deleted)
96-2How to split part of a string in C (deleted)
86-2I want valves maintenance format? (deleted)
73-2Print Asp.Net page with 3 print copy,2 copy carry copy word.? (deleted)
91-2Where Can I Sell My App To Another Developer? (deleted)
71-2On public maven repos, clarification needed (deleted)
82-2display brightness and how to coding in c for solve the problem (deleted)
88-2Compute No of 1's in 2 d matrix (n*n) ,in complexity of the order n (deleted)
88-2What should a HPC programmer should know? (deleted)
82-2Jsp Datagrid tab library (deleted)
95-2Example of Struts2 based running web applications in market? (deleted)
83-2Why was the size of the floppy disk at 8 inch, 5 1/4 inch and 3 1/2 inch? (deleted)
90-2Preferred language for parsing a big File on Linux (deleted)
72-2Can a programmer outside US find good online jobs there? How? (deleted)
99-2Where to publish java articles? (deleted)
76-2"Refactor" vs. "Rewrite" vs. "Restructure" - regards to coding (deleted)
94-2Difference between Object Oriented method and SDLC (deleted)
87-2Javascript - Start function after a specific time (deleted)
93-2Is the use of services a common trait in programming? (deleted)
98-2find out that a number is in 2^n format (deleted)
96-2What categorizes a language as a "systems programming" language? (deleted)
95-2Confused with PHP 5.4.4 (deleted)
80-2best design pattern for Model layer in MVC (deleted)
76-2Running NUint in Visual Studio Express edition (deleted)
93-2how to debug project which is using php, xml, xsl (deleted)
91-2which are the available c++ editing platforms (deleted)
90-2High Level infrastructure engineer needed at CMU Robotics company (deleted)
88-2Data structure Problems (deleted)
95-2What should PHP freelancer know? (deleted)
94-2can I find any other platforms or language has the same WPF capabilities (deleted)
80-2In what ways does TypeScript suck? (deleted)
77-2why facebook has a native apps while the native and the web has the same functionality (deleted)
98-2use alloy to analyze software models (deleted)
93-2i want to develop myself to do automation testing using java or shell scripting .I need suggestions to improve (deleted)
90-2Older versions of github for mac (deleted)
69-2What types of sites can I build using WordPress? (deleted)
94-2Is web development dying after mobile apps? (deleted)
83-2What is back end and front end? (deleted)
87-2Why government sites are built using Web Forms? (deleted)
72-2Is 37signals to Ruby on Rails like Zend to PHP? (deleted)
98-2What should be the characteristics of mobile app developers?Especially in USA (deleted)
93-2Why MongoDB is preferred over CouchDB in web? (deleted)
88-2What coding base is required for GSOC? (deleted)
88-2How do they create Frameworks? (deleted)
82-2how to scroll components of JPanel (deleted)
89-2How to set the JTextFiled text to the label of the button clicked? (deleted)
86-2What criteria would you use to prove that someone is an exceptional Software Artisan? (deleted)
88-2Canvas to image in WinRT Code (deleted)
84-2How do I track software deleted traces when event viewer is blown? (deleted)
87-2how to get selected text from a text document file in C#? (deleted)
93-2ExceptionPolicy vs ExceptionManager (deleted)
80-2Mysql insert into, after refresh page it insert again (deleted)
76-2Difference between Internationalization Localization (deleted)
67-2Hateoas use and how to use in spring Mvc controller in java technology (deleted)
90-2Simulation of distributed compilation (deleted)
94-2Calling java methods in flex app (deleted)
91-2Can Android app connect and get data from MS SQL Server? (deleted)
94-2Using NFL statistics from Yahoo and ESPN for an open source project (deleted)
89-2What is the technical specs for iOS platform for a game? (deleted)
87-2How can I learn algorithms and data structures of any type? (deleted)
84-2public version of the IEEE Standard 830-1998 requirements templates (deleted)
66-2MS in Computer Science with Electronics & telecom. as my Bachelor's Degree (deleted)
70-2How to find duration of a video using perl scripts. Is use of FFMPEG and other modules necessary for this ? (deleted)
93-2Do you know any good collection of UML diagrams with tasks? (deleted)
74-2how to solve for loops using c/c++ using QT (deleted)
88-2Can we create a Javascript confirm box with custom div and message . (deleted)
87-2Would lisp suck without macros? (deleted)
83-2If u have all of the power. easy question? (deleted)
76-2Syntax hihlighting Sublime Text 2 for scheme language (deleted)
91-2Store values in asp page (deleted)
78-2How to calculate Dynamic range of an Image? (deleted)
88-2Why to use 3 monitors (deleted)
94-2What's between beginner and advanced in competency? (deleted)
94-2Resources for Oracle RPAS software? (deleted)
76-2Windows 8 app virtual machine (deleted)
73-2About .net image insert and retrieve in c# (deleted)
83-2Learning C and C++ at the same time (deleted)
90-2what mediawiki hosting service should I use? (deleted)
77-2Using Rest Client with Standard Widget Toolkit(SWT) (deleted)
94-2How to approach designing a personal web portfolio as a programmer? (deleted)
89-2What sites influence international programmer status? (deleted)
96-2creating an api: where do i start reading? (deleted)
94-2Crucible +- Fisheye (deleted)
95-2Simulation of a Simple pendulum in MATLAB (deleted)
67-2What is the advantage of using Jvm languages? (deleted)
91-3Read the output of a command prompt file using VB6 (deleted)
88-3Difference between different Encoding type of XML (deleted)
79-3Can anyone share tutorials for Smarty? (deleted)
77-3SQL query from the table consist data (deleted)
75-3Looking for a photo carousel written in Java, preferably GPL (deleted)
96-3Paypal : How to get Guest User's Email Id and Address Details In case of Cancled and Success purchase Product? (deleted)
88-3how to find class index of the dataset in Clustering with java coding? (deleted)
72-3Python Multiprocessing Queue file discriptor (deleted)
91-3program windows 8 and not to crash host OS? (deleted)
77-3PHP, MySql Date / Timestamp (deleted)
83-3web desiging tools for mobile devices (deleted)
75-3Python random value going down (deleted)
86-3Newbie C++ projects (deleted)
96-3CS and EE or CS and MATHS? (deleted)
99-3access QNX4 filesystem from Windows (deleted)
93-3Finger print project (deleted)
78-3Sending activity data to database on click on done button of keyboard (deleted)
90-3Cancel DoWork in BackgroundWorker C# (deleted)
83-3Can i declare class or member using keyword default? (deleted)
93-3How to change background color of Xcode IDE? (deleted)
76-3Should you write use cases for classes? (deleted)
72-3How do i decode a url from a file for python? (deleted)
87-3Tech support to software developer (deleted)
93-3How to run php code when user selects a value in a select box? (deleted)
90-3Using Windows Azure Media Services (deleted)
74-3Marked nodes in Fibonacci heap (deleted)
95-3programming learning for absolute new beginner (deleted)
88-3Reg: white box testing and coding (deleted)
73-3what is the difference between the role of Principal engineer and a senior principal engineer? (deleted)
82-3Are there any IT forums where you can post career-related questions anymore? (deleted)
77-3Simple issue list for Apache Software Foundation (deleted)
93-3Javascript library for Gaming (deleted)
92-3Which method/pattern should I follow to create a site like sharetrading functionality? (deleted)
90-3How to connect a touch screen/monitor to program user interfaces using Java (deleted)
99-3if a student does 6 months java internship in a company what all basics things he should know (deleted)
98-3What is the most popular Java Framework for web? (deleted)
75-3Is there a big difference between Java 6 and Java 7? (deleted)
90-3Language Popularity (deleted)
80-3What are some common program structures to use in a PHP content managment system? (deleted)
97-3Why is ruby more popular on Mac than other os (deleted)
99-3Newer than Nilsson? Current reading/book advice (deleted)
82-3Printing an InfoPath form (deleted)
90-3bowling game in c, using array (deleted)
78-3Facebook 'Seen' feature - on what event triggered (deleted)
94-3Is using css classes for layout cosidered bad practice? (deleted)
85-3Object oriented programming training (deleted)
86-3DataSet Generator tools (deleted)
95-3Advice on books on MVC and Razor (deleted)
94-3Software Engineering - Video tutorials (deleted)
95-3How to make a label change color in vb. (deleted)
87-3What is the right approach to take when porting an app from PHP to NodeJS? (deleted)
90-3Good book for pointers on C (deleted)
79-3Is there something like "pyvideo.org" for JavaScript? (deleted)
78-3Ask a research paper author for the code of the algorithm (deleted)
85-3What is the difference between Connection and Session? (deleted)
92-3What are exactly, systems programming language? (deleted)
96-3What books do you recommend after reading Head First Software Development? (deleted)
69-3Choosing career paths: web or lower level stuff? (deleted)
87-3How can retain the value of a class member variable even after the exit from the program in visual c++? (deleted)
95-3Resharper Intellisense Help! (deleted)
83-3How to design the News Feed feature of Facebook? (deleted)
94-3How to word "yes, but I would prefer not to" (deleted)
87-3web service data transformation ASP.NET (deleted)
98-3Connecting Unix server using C# (deleted)
74-3What can be the great future language / platform? (deleted)
99-3Array item vs property (deleted)
83-3What do you think is good about .NET? (deleted)
95-3VMware Linux guest Windows host (deleted)
82-3How to create a dynamic graph in VB.NET? (deleted)
84-3Creating dictionary using python (deleted)
85-3AJAX toolkit and AJAX function (deleted)
75-3Is it possible to use J2EE and J2ME in my J2SE program (deleted)
85-3Has anyone ever tried Caspio Bridge? (deleted)
82-3Real time programming with c and c++ (deleted)
74-3What does javascript let you do? (deleted)
95-3real time C in embedded systems interviews questions (deleted)
85-3How to target a job search to just series A or B (small) start ups? (deleted)
90-3Where can I find information on typical rates for contracting in Australia? (deleted)
99-3What is the best book about creating video editing interfaces? (deleted)
93-3What is the check_args doing in Perl (deleted)
86-3what is a PROJECT in RDBMS terminology? (deleted)
98-3Cover letter writer in UK (deleted)
85-3Technical Review Questions Regarding Multi-Tendancy (deleted)
98-3Competitor analysis in business(Software) (deleted)
94-3is asp.net web page considered a good start? (deleted)
90-3Does IonMonkey implement the Parser API as available in the SpiderMonkey shell? (deleted)
69-3How to programmatically add an emblem for directory icon in KDE? (deleted)
95-3How do I get the ports opened by a Windows Service? (deleted)
72-3Subset with k_elements of any Set (deleted)
94-3How to extract file info in java? (deleted)
70-3MS project ( i want to update ms project data using java) (deleted)
79-3PMI certified project managers or programmers (deleted)
94-3which features should be told in introduction of a software? (deleted)
91-3When will I see clojure in clojure take a definite form? (deleted)
82-3How should be rival analysis for web projects? (deleted)
88-3How does skype acheive udp connections without manual config? (deleted)
95-3Books about audio/video (deleted)
95-3Learning Java after C# (deleted)
79-3How to print data using class file in php? (deleted)
74-3Books to nail a programming interview (deleted)
90-3How do I reset my pypi.python.org password on my PC (deleted)
93-3sum of two numbers in a set of floating point in python? (deleted)
76-3Which good tools to that used before starting development? (deleted)
61-3Latest news on IOS frameworks and open source libraries? (deleted)
69-3I need blank C# ClassLibrary Project for VisualStudio 2008 (deleted)
94-3Any good book to learn HTTP? (deleted)
85-3I want to wordpress to pull data from database (deleted)
72-3Java Swing drag and drop plug-in in Eclipse (deleted)
95-3Should i stay in testing or go for development on .net or other technologies if i get opportunities in development project? (deleted)
76-3Examples of successful asp.net web forms sites? (deleted)
94-3Is Java still popular in web development context? (deleted)
71-3Hibernate VS jdbc template in spring (deleted)
95-3Abap certification-reg (deleted)
93-3usage of 'catch {}' - is this bad practice? (deleted)
73-3What is the meaning of the term brogrammer? (deleted)
87-3How to load the contents of a folder into a tableview in Swing (deleted)
92-3how to send webcam videos over a network (deleted)
95-3Two oreilly books on HTML (deleted)
91-3code help for converting matlab figures into vi (deleted)
95-3What are the best practices while uploading files to Webhosting? (deleted)
80-3How should i write about window server 2008 skills on resume (deleted)
81-3How many SAP ABAP programmers are there out there? (deleted)
97-3What language is better to learn? (deleted)
91-3database design for movies showtimes (deleted)
90-3What are the benefits of using Amazons S3 for static file hosting (deleted)
98-3Do we have API to close all background software in IOS (deleted)
89-3Can iPad app's logs be read from PC? (deleted)
89-3Testers Career Path? (deleted)
84-3In Financial Aplications (investment banking), what are the best scenarios of deadlocks and how to avoid? (closed)
86-3How to download a file in php? (closed)
77-3PHP to CPP career change (closed)
91-3JavaScript codes to solve Matrices (closed)
88-3Android Security Issues (closed)
84-3Reading data cell-wise from excel for iteration in matlab (closed)
72-3How do i make EXE files to crack games? (deleted)
64-3Is there any Chinese programmers in San Francisco Bay Area (deleted)
91-3How can I learn MVC in PHP? (deleted)
85-3How well does emacs work on Windows? (deleted)
87-3Is it okay to cook up data for neural networks prediction (deleted)
77-3How to install the PrimeFaces on Eclipse? (deleted)
93-3Why many web developers use java programming language for web development? (closed)
96-3What are the certifications to be need for the Java Architect? (closed)
78-3What are hashes in python (closed)
94-3how is developing apps for windows phone 8 is different from windows phone 7.x?
92-3Where i can get good tutorials and books for python programming language?? (closed)
85-3What are some key factor when designing GUI? (closed)
91-3What details do you expect to see in a Use Case? (closed)
74-3Best way to get a copy of Visual Studio? (closed)
92-3Running cherryPy on apache or not?
98-3How to manage scripting language file (Python, for example)? (closed)
95-3naming abstract class (closed)
95-3Is there a 2-year exclusivity requirement for building iOS apps? (closed)
98-3Sequence diagram should consist of View objects, DB objects, etc.?
71-3In what practical ways is it good to remember the memory/pointers model? (closed)
91-3How do I make a .sh file that counts each time you compile? (closed)
90-3What language Nginx using? (closed)
75-3How to select an appropriate Nvidia GPU for learning CUDA (closed)
94-3Why do we need to separate classes which have different functionality? (closed)
73-4What are the most original ways to hire a developer? (closed)
96-4GCC compiler for C and other languages (closed)
99-4Creating and writing an xml or text file using javascript without using ActiveX (deleted)
86-4I know I can't write code on an iPad but what if I install Mac OS X on an iPad? (deleted)
91-4Is that enough to start ASP.NET MVC? (deleted)
94-4Is salt built in ASP.NET? (deleted)
92-4Where do I get food data (composition per gram etc)? (deleted)
85-4can you run the same software as other social networks (deleted)
98-4Good affiliate program that requires cookie tracking and short URL (closed)
93-4Programming languange for strategy (closed)
94-4error message when unpacking MineCraft (closed)
79-4Wxpython : How to add new lexer to StyledTextCtrl? (closed)
80-4I want to know about the architecture of virus guard and how to identify the viruses from it (closed)
90-4Does a developer really have to know build tools, classpath etc? (closed)
82-4Free Quality Control Online Tool (closed)
84-4Find the shortest way/route from a given point to the sea? (deleted)
84-4What are some effective methods for debugging runtime errors in online judges and programming contest sites? (deleted)
85-4How is software engineering related to programming? (deleted)
88-4How to generate category tree in cakePHP and display that tree in dropdown list? (deleted)
93-4C# or ASP.NET Training (deleted)
94-4Maximum line length of code (deleted)
98-4How can I apply CSS style to text only? (deleted)
89-4How to use Hasty pudding cipher algorithm to encrypt and decrypt data in Java (deleted)
86-4What is Middleware development/ programming on Android? (deleted)
69-4change from performance tester to manual tester (deleted)
87-4what is Differences between Visual studio product? (deleted)
86-4Where can i find the resources to learn advanced java? (deleted)
82-4Alternate names for the "admin" section (deleted)
81-4Major differences between Java and C#? (deleted)
90-4Any complete video tutorials for learning C? I do not know even the ABC of programming (deleted)
71-4Why Microsoft does not want to integrate AOP features into C#? (deleted)
94-4How do you backup your computer? How do you keep a record of everything? (deleted)
93-4What's typical work hour for programmers? (deleted)
91-4What are the disadvantages of using PHP with high traffic website? (deleted)
75-4Cheap MSc Computer Science online degrees (deleted)
94-4App won't launch/iPhone emulator won't launch (deleted)
86-4What is the typical ratio of developers to testers in an organisation (deleted)
88-4Is this a good book for a newbie in C language? (deleted)
91-4Which one provide more enjoyable experience: PHP || ASP.NET? (deleted)
95-4how can i reverse a linked-list by using a pointer? (deleted)
88-4How to use "RadioStatusListener" for Roaming in Blackberry? (deleted)
78-4Formal Systems Providing Backbones of Programming Languages (deleted)
91-4Jobs entry positons (deleted)
92-4Where can I get practice questions? (deleted)
90-4from which we must start for new programming language (deleted)
91-4Agile Unified Process (deleted)
88-4Sum of the RadioButtons (deleted)
98-4How to replace an exist app on app store (deleted)
78-4Like team server Visual studio can we have other software for java or php? (deleted)
95-4How to disable error reporting by editing php.in? (deleted)
95-4Is a 11" MacBook Air screen big enough for coding? (deleted)
92-4Simple Java application and Facebook (deleted)
89-4How To Create Console Program Like a cmd (command prompt) in C? (deleted)
78-4Ruby on Rails Scaffolding development plugin (deleted)
81-4What is Hash, I can't understand it? (deleted)
88-4Cakephp Merge Two Model Pagination in single view? (deleted)
77-4WINRT and Adobe Flash Access (deleted)
91-4How to differ good programmer vs bad programmer? (deleted)
92-4Program Composition in OOP (deleted)
98-4Write to file using HTML5 (deleted)
74-4Difference between Object Oriented design and programming principles? (deleted)
80-4what is the future of javafx after window 8? (deleted)
81-4How to become a Programmer without CS degree (deleted)
84-4best language for making IM like whatsapp or 2go (deleted)
72-4How to integrate PAYPAL in ASP.NET webpages? (deleted)
80-4Where is it possible to find Java code examples of generic data structures? (deleted)
86-4What should every programmer know about audio programming? (deleted)
93-4Doubt with regex in PHP, to detect only numeric or only character strings (deleted)
98-4Open and modify a specific file using the Javascript FileWriter object (deleted)
90-4Is HyperTable Freeware? (deleted)
91-4What is a good device to program? (deleted)
95-4Programs to Develop (deleted)
76-4What are the best resources for learning C#? (deleted)
95-4How could I improve my Android developing ability? (deleted)
99-4what is the learning path for someone who wants to learn .NET programming? (deleted)
95-4How does one get a job in "questionable" industries? (deleted)
70-4What are the advantages of MongoDB over Lucene? (deleted)
94-4Why Java is so popular? (deleted)
87-4Implement video chat (deleted)
81-4what is a 'PROJECT' in SQL jargon? (deleted)
76-4How to become code quality architect (deleted)
84-4What is the difference between "Functional Programming" and "Procedural Programming"? (deleted)
87-4What's the opposite of happy path? (deleted)
93-4Which is better for randomizing two choices (deleted)
86-4C++ advantages in working with videodata and videodevices (deleted)
92-4now software submission driving me crazy, any help? (deleted)
99-4Accounting Application (deleted)
76-4looking for infomations about geographical information system GIS in java/JEE (deleted)
86-4Cloud Disaster Recovery Tool (deleted)
94-4How Learn new technologies (deleted)
95-4ios intern training (deleted)
92-4how to find your programming problems (deleted)
94-4Is there a way to convert random memory info into variables in C++ (deleted)
89-4What's the best VM environment for PHP and/or Java development? (deleted)
95-4SmoothScrolling into VS2012? (deleted)
88-4What does the << operator do in C++? (deleted)
82-4Voice Changer In Matlab (deleted)
83-4Java File class question (deleted)
80-4Help in visual C++ needed (deleted)
96-4Database Integration Testing with NUnit / MS Test? (deleted)
83-4Where I can find documentation about Amazon front-end technology they are using? (deleted)
96-4Creating a wizard with JSP (deleted)
91-4Software Engineer vs SENIOR Software Engineer (deleted)
84-4ENcapsulation in java (deleted)
98-4need the log file giving log messages for debugging the c programme( c and header file) (deleted)
69-4HTML5 - Mobile Application Development (deleted)
95-4how to allow web application in iis to run IE browser (deleted)
97-4Programming in Lisp (A.I) (deleted)
79-4What is the defacto CSM (Certified Scrum Master) course to do? (deleted)
85-4implementation of Bing Translator API (deleted)
86-4video courses on PowerShell (deleted)
98-4Beginner level Open source projects of JAVA for contribution (deleted)
91-4Open Source DVR Software C# (deleted)
98-4MATLAB: Global Optimization Toolbox (deleted)
91-4.Net Framework 4 webforms (deleted)
86-4Disabling in-built keyboard after plugging into another USB keyboard (deleted)
95-4JEE Books with Complete Project Development (deleted)
93-4How to use static library correctly? (deleted)
94-4New Macbook Air 13" for iPhone and J2EE/Android Development? (deleted)
81-4How to get SSADM Certification (deleted)
74-4Application design in programming (deleted)
79-4Self training to be a python programmer (deleted)
73-4REG: will testers involves in coding? (deleted)
95-4Getting Page URL in PHP Form (deleted)
83-4How to connect with accdb via Javascript? (deleted)
90-4What resources do you recommend if I want to create a basic website from start to finish (python, html)? (deleted)
86-4Is there any script/program that blocks multi tasking and allows only one application to run on a computer ? Just a curious question (deleted)
94-4topics of programs and processes (deleted)
87-4Fantom programming language (deleted)
83-4how to connect database phpmyadmin to phonegap in andoid (deleted)
73-4What's the difference between opensource and commercial software? (deleted)
74-4Is Scraping Images From Tumblr Legal? (deleted)
85-4What advantage and disadvantage do we get if Bytes per Sector used in a file system is too small/large? (deleted)
88-4How to convert video to gif using FFMPEG and PHP (deleted)
90-4What websites provide free data in XML format? (Golf course info for example) (deleted)
87-4Binomial coefficient mod m (deleted)
91-4Research survey for framework and library developers: Information needs in software ecosystems (deleted)
75-4Projects with clean code? (deleted)
74-4MIT-BIH Arrhythmia Database_files (deleted)
91-4Software App - Legal Advice (deleted)
94-4Please recommend some textbook on web development (deleted)
89-4What should I do to enhance my understanding of data structures? (deleted)
76-4Delete the records from the first table that don't have matching records in second table? (deleted)
84-4Are PHP and other server-side web design languages considered programming languages? (deleted)
97-4Hello programmers I would like get help with generating an 2d array that needs to have a diagonal with the same values and counts the tries? (deleted)
90-4Somebody sells trading forex robots on MQL5 Market? (deleted)
92-4writing a java program to solve a quadratic equation (deleted)
77-4Where can i learn more about writing iOS web services? (deleted)
84-4Google Map Engine vs Fusion Table (deleted)
84-4What php framework should a web developer know and why? (deleted)
91-4What's the best book to learn java OpenCV tutorial? (deleted)
81-4Shelving code in TFS and then Check-In (deleted)
85-4How do i convert data Table into JSON string? (deleted)
80-5how to be a better coder in java language? (deleted)
70-5Could somebody recommend a programming topic for me to discuss in our tech meeting which im suppose to present? (deleted)
76-5Graph depending on checkbox in python 3 (deleted)
88-5Pricing for an store locator app in ios? (deleted)
90-5What are the most important webdev libraries, APIs, features or tools? (other than jQuery) (deleted)
81-5Redirect a page from one page to another page without changing the url using htaccess (deleted)
80-5How to start a Voip Project in android? (deleted)
95-5What is the easiest OOP language to master? (deleted)
88-5when the site load for the first time which is initially loads before website displayed (deleted)
72-5How to make visible half portion of running video on android (deleted)
86-5create a free writtable PDF (deleted)
90-5How to find different language word lists? (deleted)
96-5spring hibernate integration (deleted)
71-5IE9 not supporting layout of my web page (deleted)
93-5What is Microsoft's Plan for the Future of .NET Framework? (deleted)
78-5What is your favorite feature in Intellij IDEA (deleted)
79-5What is meant by 'for a while'? (deleted)
84-5Does Google Allow Keylogger in Google Play? (deleted)
92-5Why is scaling web applications harder than scaling static web content? (deleted)
94-5Fabulous online teachers/instructors in programming? (deleted)
67-5My Eclipse Is Very Slow At Startup (deleted)
86-5What JEE containers are used most? (deleted)
94-5DB2, Mainframe and COBOL (deleted)
79-5software effort estimation (deleted)
91-5How to create a Semantic Network like wordnet for Turkish (deleted)
79-5Is learning Python worth for a Kernel programmer? (deleted)
72-5How to reverse a number in Java using recursion? (deleted)
97-5vim not working via putty (deleted)
77-5Clean C IDE windows? (deleted)
70-5How to Move UI Control in Windows 8 Metro Style Apps (deleted)
86-5Looking for freelance programmers (deleted)
96-5Java free online course/class (deleted)
91-5How to write a speedometer in Android? (deleted)
80-5How can I attack using stack buffer overflow? (deleted)
80-5Make a dynamic dictionary with C# (deleted)
99-5Story of Throughworks coming to google and improving code quality (deleted)
67-5Where can I find useful tutorials that are as good as a college education? (deleted)
67-5How can you maximize your chance of employment after graduation if you can't find a job? (deleted)
94-5What kind of programming do we do in "Introduction to Database Applications" and Database? (deleted)
81-5Deploying Symfony2 Project on Cpanel (deleted)
96-5operational flaws are possible in cloud computing (deleted)
83-5should i put my marketing degree on my resume? (deleted)
84-5I am interested in designing graphics and interfaces (deleted)
83-5Is lisp still used in production? (deleted)
94-5Stored procedures - out of style? (deleted)
94-5Perceptron vs Naivebayes (deleted)
89-5"Javadoc" for C++? (deleted)
85-5how many characters can this program accept and display in C? (deleted)
76-5I have UTF-8 Java library (deleted)
74-5What a programming language should automation tech learn for their future professional career? (deleted)
98-5What's a good book on user experience? (deleted)
94-5simple windows SVN (deleted)
76-5I need help in making periodic table in java (deleted)
93-5What kind of programming goes into the Olympics? (deleted)
94-5Eclipse won't run and there are no errors (deleted)
92-5To be considered minimally relational, the DBMS must support which of the following key relational functions (deleted)
83-5Brogrammers - What are they? (deleted)
79-5How can I download the latest version of Qt for free? (deleted)
91-5how can i find out what programming languages is used in the website buil? (deleted)
81-5Any sites or resources to learn C# from? (deleted)
95-5Whats are some of the most reputed video editing softwares? (deleted)
81-5high level programing "pascal" - Algorithm (deleted)
86-5Is there any PHP library that allows me to select some area of image (eg. face) and then make this selection blurry? (deleted)
87-5Will Microsoft Natural 4000 keyboard work with Ubuntu 12.04 (deleted)
90-5Has anyone taken a proveit.com test? (deleted)
78-5How can I store value returned by a stored procedure in a C# variable (deleted)
99-5How to link to an app? (deleted)
90-5Netscape server-side JavaScript (deleted)
89-5What is the best way to share links with coworkers? (deleted)
89-5copy and paste equivalent for windows (deleted)
94-5Choose between PeopleSoft and Informatica (deleted)
94-5Will google drop Python now they have their own language (GO)? (deleted)
92-5Social Networking Apps in Android (deleted)
80-5books to learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript (deleted)
94-5Network management seminar topics (deleted)
82-5How do I use another variable outside my class in java? (deleted)
87-5Why sites such as Hotmail does not have friendly URLs? (deleted)
83-5How to disable view state totally in ASP.NET? (deleted)
94-5What if Facebook used C# on mono? (deleted)
83-5Why Lua programming language? (deleted)
75-5Are there any programming languages that do not allow nulls anywhere? (deleted)
88-5Google maps api results into div or table (deleted)
96-5Is JUnit the perfect white box testing methodology? (deleted)
85-5What Revenue to Expect from a Small Shareware? (deleted)
81-5Need innovative ideas for application of a Facial feature tracking software (deleted)
94-5Looking for a project name, and it's a tool that does real-time server monitoring (deleted)
71-5Why are the people on serverfault less friendly than stackoverflow users? (deleted)
90-5Write a computer program that calculates the area of a rectangle based on width and height in cm entered by the end user. (deleted)
95-5Questions for a mid-level & senior php developers? (deleted)
94-5U.S. visa requirements for contractual freelance job? (deleted)
78-5Windows 8 tablet development (deleted)
80-5Balancing between a day job and freelancing (deleted)
97-5java programmer to WebSphere admin? (deleted)
83-5Russian computer programming languages (deleted)
90-5Looking for business analyst training? (deleted)
98-5List of programming language? (deleted)
85-5When should I stop coding myself? (deleted)
90-5stackoverflow [filler to make title 15 chars long] (deleted)
78-5How to get a programming job in Canada? (deleted)
77-5I am confused about how to work with a program (deleted)
86-5What MSSQL database skills should I focus on first to help my company the most? (deleted)
97-5Java claims WORA, where this claim may not hold true? (deleted)
83-5PHP Developers: Integrate the PHP with Coldfusion at RAILO Server? (closed)
85-5app slowing down execution when using register class (closed)
70-5What is the assignment and essay for the Java exam? (closed)
71-5What open source tools are there for Quality Assurance (closed)
93-5Looking for app or program that will populate amazon affiliate links (closed)
74-5Which Language is used to make your own linux kernals? (closed)
77-5how to prove TDD is best compared to code inspection (closed)
74-5Can Visual Studio 2008 run side by side with Visual Studio 2012? (closed)
90-5C++ - Can c++ used to program an robot? (closed)
77-5What is the internal instruction set of modern Intel processors? (closed)
80-5How is Netbeans IDE developed (closed)
91-5Systematic Testing (closed)
90-5Is sending password to user email secure? (closed)
94-6How do I find out the format for Avery #5351 labels? (deleted)
89-6Are Ruby on Rails websites slow? (deleted)
79-6What are the Initial Steps I have to Do For FB App Development? (closed)
87-6Research paper on Networking in wireless sensors (deleted)
79-6Things to do before Coding an android app? (deleted)
80-6MVC with RAILS or ASP.net (deleted)
95-6Any simulator for testing program or assembly program to use pc to mimic switch to communicate with cisco switch? (deleted)
87-6What type of room lighting is most suitable for programmers? (deleted)
93-6What do i need and how much money will i be looking to spend? (deleted)
98-6Where to find a top level SQL team Player? (deleted)
96-6A programming language for 3 years old boy? (deleted)
90-6Where can I find advanced software development/programming video tutorials? (deleted)
78-6Are there free lance for sysadmin or they are only for web sites (deleted)
67-6Where can i find some web developer resume (deleted)
89-6What books are the best for learning programming? (deleted)
86-6Why can't a JSP file run on a glassfish server, when it was written using Apache? (deleted)
90-6Is there any good solutions based on the semantic web? (deleted)
71-6What is the main difference between ERP and MIS? (deleted)
94-6Video Lectures for the book “Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective” (deleted)
78-6What basic knowledge is needed for an Electronics fresher to learn cloud computing? (deleted)
83-6What is the difference between developping a web App and a Desktop App (deleted)
82-6Are there any good java and postgres tutorials somewhere? (deleted)
82-6What would be a good topic for a QA brown-bag session? (deleted)
98-6Unhashing a Hashed Message (deleted)
91-6Language make a game like Ogame? (deleted)
81-6Is there a thing as visual JAVA? Like Visual C++? If so what are the best resources to learn it? (deleted)
86-6(++) and (--) operators in while loop (deleted)
77-6Is 50€ a reasonable price for 150 000 page views/month? (deleted)
84-6What are the major difference between .Net framework? (deleted)
98-6Are there any millionaires here? (deleted)
88-6best free downloadable python ebook for beginner (deleted)
80-6What is the best platform to build a Content Management Software Application (deleted)
83-6what are the differences between Software development and Production or Manufactoring? (deleted)
95-6How to evaluate my programming skills on 10 points scale? (deleted)
89-6how significant is it for a programmer to change his domain? (deleted)
69-6Can a non-techie easily build a data-driven web app with a PaaS service? (deleted)
72-6The End of Markup Languages (deleted)
92-6Any good universities in Germany? (deleted)
96-6Building a music streaming program that will work on a computer as well as mobile devices (deleted)
94-6Should I learn Perl or Python? (deleted)
75-6Create Sticky Notes in windows 8 Metro Style (deleted)
87-6Opportunities available for mbatech student in R&D (deleted)
86-6What are some tips for your manager? (deleted)
76-6what kind of programming knowledge is required to be java developer,web developer,c++? (deleted)
79-6How can I learn MVC? (deleted)
80-6How do i catch intents of other activites? (deleted)
85-6Is there a program available like this? (deleted)
74-6What things I should know as a LAMP dev? (deleted)
70-6Call land lines phone through DSL modem from PC (deleted)
81-6Questions about django-nonrel 1.4 (deleted)
95-6What are the fields a programmer must know? (deleted)
97-6What criteria to consider when choosing frameworks/platforms for different products (deleted)
87-6Java Program to print the number of days in a month in a year (deleted)
80-6Learning Big Data (Hadoop) (deleted)
79-6Is there free Candle Stick Finance Chart Controls for Asp.net? (deleted)
87-6challenges in planning and designing a solution for a programming problem (deleted)
72-6Its upon codeigniter .. i want to get the notification of users in my webpage like eg: facebook (deleted)
96-6Images with gravitation vectors (deleted)
94-6How do I make my desktop application Testable? (deleted)
91-6Software Development (deleted)
78-6Create a program in Java (deleted)
72-6Help! My Windows EXE does not work Anymore!? Happend in Python Programming! (deleted)
70-6Developer Resource for CueMe Mobile Phone (deleted)
90-6Different bwtween Cobol and .Net (deleted)
96-6Custom OpenGL shape? (deleted)
88-6How many hours of sleep does a programmer need? (deleted)
81-6Can i send a bulk Whatsapp? (deleted)
90-6Can someone copy a program for me or tell me how? (deleted)
83-6Open source project for Asp.net Jr developer (deleted)
87-6What is your favourite Twitter php class? (deleted)
87-6What does it mean to know HTML5? (deleted)
94-6travel website with hotel registration and their data integration (deleted)
90-6cross browser solutions for web development? (deleted)
88-6Possible to prove the correctness of simple recursive program (deleted)
83-6Html 5 Form Shims (deleted)
89-6Creating an EXE from a C# program (deleted)
83-6What is the code in this website called? (deleted)
81-6Can anyone Tell me Career Path/oppurtunity in Vitria Businessware? (deleted)
80-6Any tutorial Jenkins + Maven + svn (deleted)
70-7How Can I develope My Own linux Distro (deleted)
83-7How To Prepare Doc for daily work for my use? (deleted)
91-7Does Visual Studio 2012 have a x64 download? (deleted)
81-7Is using famous people in computer programs legal/moral? (deleted)
76-7College graduation,Age and Programming (deleted)
70-7How do I loop in Jquery (deleted)
94-7Can you write direct binary code to the processor? (deleted)
90-7What is a core c++ developer? (deleted)
85-7SQL 2008 date implementation logic (deleted)
78-7How to write a program in C or C# code for FIR Filters (deleted)
84-7Software Engineering News (deleted)
94-7Basics for developing MS Office Ribbon applications (deleted)
95-7Accessibility of public data members (deleted)
82-7What is the answer most likely to be a good answer for the set of all possible software development questions? (deleted)
96-7Famous app and website made in C# and .net (deleted)
86-7Want to improve my coding skills? (deleted)
87-7Where do I find the solutions for this book? (deleted)
93-7why most companies still implementing .net instead of java? (deleted)
88-7Python projects for beginners (deleted)
93-7Is there any website that does review and recommendation of programming books? (deleted)
95-7I need help for a new company! So I need programmers! (deleted)
82-7How to create a form on website that send messages to an email address? (deleted)
72-7Is there anyone can tell which language run faster,C,C++,java or python etc.?Thanks a lot (deleted)
76-7Who is the Chuck Norris of programming world? (deleted)
77-7How to create an expert system? (deleted)
85-7it's about STACKS....please help ASAP i have a test tomorrow :( and i couldnt figure this out (deleted)
65-7Example of how Lattice Theory is useful in practice (deleted)
91-7Attending a sold-out conference? (deleted)
91-7Does someone know how to make an application and sell it to someone? (deleted)
95-7How to create that accepts a set of integers (deleted)
67-7What is RESTful web development? (deleted)
91-7What is the easiest way to write a REST API? (deleted)
78-7code snippet manager with Google Drive support (deleted)
86-7How to convince a a person that ASP.NET could be a good choice? (deleted)
88-7I want to know about the architecture of virus guard and how to identify the viruses from it (closed)
70-8Have you ever had an experience with a Communist Programmer? (deleted)
97-8Object Oriented Programming (deleted)
83-8Chinese computer programming languages (deleted)
71-8Your favorite "golden nugget" website/blog for your favorite programming language? (deleted)
85-8Which platform do you think best for ecommerce website development? (deleted)
82-8Protocol Violation - Verb does not allow content type (closed)
85-8Does anyone know how to create a spinning wheel kind of effect in a web application? (deleted)
77-8Confused om becoming programmer HELP (deleted)
82-8How to make images alternate on a home page of a website? (deleted)
92-8What are programming communities you attend to? (deleted)
73-8Which is the best technology for building large scale website (deleted)
66-8Question deleted - off topic (deleted)
88-8I am trying to find a way to display individual recent activity when mouseover on that particular image. (deleted)
72-8How to start the preparation to join in Google as a software engineer? (deleted)
82-8How do I learn HTML & DIV & CSS with a little desktop app experience? (deleted)
90-8How To solve This Project? (deleted)
80-8I recently found an app named 'circle' which has a nice UI. what kinda ui library is it? (deleted)
84-8Want to read data on tcp ip from servlet (deleted)
74-8Alternatives to finite state machines for software development? (deleted)
88-8write in C programming language, plz it is necessary (deleted)
67-8In what order should I learn the following: Algorithms and data structures, C, assembly programming? (deleted)
83-8Cloud Computing for Developer (deleted)
95-9I want to start a softare firm in china anybody can help me (deleted)
81-9what is the best field to do specialization in computer science? (deleted)
90-9Finding a Cakephp partner (deleted)
89-9Which university use this textbook? (deleted)
71-9Does python supports OOP as Java do? (deleted)
96-10Carrier in Java is Better or in PHP (deleted)
90-10why are web apps often refered as "software"? (deleted)
83-10Impilmentation of Desing Pattersb (deleted)
79-11Who is the greatest programmer of all time? (deleted)
94-11Jeff O, Telastyn, Scott Whitlock, Stargazer712, ElYusubov (deleted)
71-11Is there any programmer who age is below 16? (deleted)
73-11Where can I watch ASP.NET Conference online? (deleted)
75-12How many vacation days a developer have a year? (deleted)
85-12Is this a right syntax? (deleted)
91-12Is there some jobs for a screen-scraper specialist out there? (deleted)