Find the chunks...

Lots of words are commonly found in phrases or 'chunks'; use this page to help you learn some common chunks of language.

Guess which word you need to fill the gap in these chunks of SPOKEN language. Click on the sentence to get the answer:

I exercise because I ____ to .
I exercise because I have to.
There ___ some problems.
There are some problems.
I'm going __ think about it.
I'm going to think about it.

Now take a look at these common chunks of WRITTEN language:

We have questions, such __ how and when it happened.
We have questions, such as how and when it happened.
This increases inequality rather ____ reduces it.
This increases inequality rather than reduces it.
Local as ____ as foreign news.
Local as well as foreign news.

Content based on 'The Phrase List' by Martinez, R. and Schmitt, N. (2012) from the Journal of Applied Linguistics.

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