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6615Schizophrenic Developer Discussion (deleted)
697What is the wireframe of a project?
735Role Difference between StakeHolder and ProductOwner
705first virtual machine language? - Java? (deleted)
732Is a project without license public domain?
712What are the applications of Go programming language?
700How to become a passionate programmer? (closed)
670What is LPCTSTR?
700Objective-C: blocks v NSNotificationCenter
700Why Java programmers are given more importance in industry than .Net programmers? (deleted)
680Was HipHop the reason who made Facebook performs well? (deleted)
72-1What patterns should Android developer know? (deleted)
67-1XML Validation With XmlReader in .NET (deleted)
71-1Nice book to learn assembly language (x86) on wiindows machine using nasm? (deleted)
68-1New job, lots of problems (deleted)
71-1licensing status of LGPL video codecs under iOS as of May 2012? (closed)
72-1What's the difference between VBA and VB Script? (closed)
71-1Any software free available for regression testing? (deleted)
72-2An internship is asking for a front end code sample, but I already sent them a link to the site I've built. What should I send them? (deleted)
71-2On public maven repos, clarification needed (deleted)
73-2Print Asp.Net page with 3 print copy,2 copy carry copy word.? (deleted)
72-2What is the best python IDE for building applications with wxPython? (deleted)
73-2Do companies make SRS reports these days? (closed)
73-2NoSQL types drawbacks and advantages (closed)
72-2Can a programmer outside US find good online jobs there? How? (deleted)
73-2About .net image insert and retrieve in c# (deleted)
67-2Hateoas use and how to use in spring Mvc controller in java technology (deleted)
69-2What types of sites can I build using WordPress? (deleted)
72-2Is 37signals to Ruby on Rails like Zend to PHP? (deleted)
66-2MS in Computer Science with Electronics & telecom. as my Bachelor's Degree (deleted)
70-2How to find duration of a video using perl scripts. Is use of FFMPEG and other modules necessary for this ? (deleted)
67-2What is the advantage of using Jvm languages? (deleted)
73-3what is the difference between the role of Principal engineer and a senior principal engineer? (deleted)
72-3How do i decode a url from a file for python? (deleted)
69-3Choosing career paths: web or lower level stuff? (deleted)
72-3Python Multiprocessing Queue file discriptor (deleted)
61-3Latest news on IOS frameworks and open source libraries? (deleted)
69-3I need blank C# ClassLibrary Project for VisualStudio 2008 (deleted)
72-3Java Swing drag and drop plug-in in Eclipse (deleted)
69-3How to programmatically add an emblem for directory icon in KDE? (deleted)
72-3Subset with k_elements of any Set (deleted)
70-3MS project ( i want to update ms project data using java) (deleted)
72-3How do i make EXE files to crack games? (deleted)
64-3Is there any Chinese programmers in San Francisco Bay Area (deleted)
71-3In what practical ways is it good to remember the memory/pointers model? (closed)
71-3Hibernate VS jdbc template in spring (deleted)
73-3What is the meaning of the term brogrammer? (deleted)
69-4change from performance tester to manual tester (deleted)
71-4Why Microsoft does not want to integrate AOP features into C#? (deleted)
73-4What are the most original ways to hire a developer? (closed)
72-4How to integrate PAYPAL in ASP.NET webpages? (deleted)
70-4What are the advantages of MongoDB over Lucene? (deleted)
73-4REG: will testers involves in coding? (deleted)
69-4HTML5 - Mobile Application Development (deleted)
73-4What's the difference between opensource and commercial software? (deleted)
70-5Could somebody recommend a programming topic for me to discuss in our tech meeting which im suppose to present? (deleted)
71-5IE9 not supporting layout of my web page (deleted)
67-5My Eclipse Is Very Slow At Startup (deleted)
72-5How to make visible half portion of running video on android (deleted)
70-5How to Move UI Control in Windows 8 Metro Style Apps (deleted)
72-5How to reverse a number in Java using recursion? (deleted)
67-5Where can I find useful tutorials that are as good as a college education? (deleted)
67-5How can you maximize your chance of employment after graduation if you can't find a job? (deleted)
70-5What is the assignment and essay for the Java exam? (closed)
71-5What open source tools are there for Quality Assurance (closed)
71-5Why are the people on serverfault less friendly than stackoverflow users? (deleted)
67-6Where can i find some web developer resume (deleted)
72-6The End of Markup Languages (deleted)
71-6What is the main difference between ERP and MIS? (deleted)
69-6Can a non-techie easily build a data-driven web app with a PaaS service? (deleted)
70-6Call land lines phone through DSL modem from PC (deleted)
72-6Its upon codeigniter .. i want to get the notification of users in my webpage like eg: facebook (deleted)
70-6Developer Resource for CueMe Mobile Phone (deleted)
72-6Help! My Windows EXE does not work Anymore!? Happend in Python Programming! (deleted)
70-7How Can I develope My Own linux Distro (deleted)
70-7How do I loop in Jquery (deleted)
72-7Is there anyone can tell which language run faster,C,C++,java or python etc.?Thanks a lot (deleted)
65-7Example of how Lattice Theory is useful in practice (deleted)
67-7What is RESTful web development? (deleted)
73-8Which is the best technology for building large scale website (deleted)
71-8Your favorite "golden nugget" website/blog for your favorite programming language? (deleted)
70-8Have you ever had an experience with a Communist Programmer? (deleted)
66-8Question deleted - off topic (deleted)
72-8How to start the preparation to join in Google as a software engineer? (deleted)
67-8In what order should I learn the following: Algorithms and data structures, C, assembly programming? (deleted)
71-9Does python supports OOP as Java do? (deleted)
71-11Is there any programmer who age is below 16? (deleted)
73-11Where can I watch ASP.NET Conference online? (deleted)