"Good people are not prepared to rule in return for money or prestige. They don't want to make a legitimate profit from their power, and be called mercenary. Nor do they want to make use of their power to take money secretly, and be called thieves. They won't rule for the prestige, because they're not ambitious. So if they're going to agree to rule, there must be some additional compulsion on them, some penalty. The penalty consists principally in being ruled by someone worse, if they refuse to rule themselves. I think it's this fear which makes decent people rule, when they do rule, and these are the circumstances in which they seek power. They don't believe that they are entering upon something good, or that it will bring them any benefit. They approach it as something unavoidable, and because they have no one better than themselves, or as good as themselves, to whom they can delegate the job. If there were ever a city of good men, there would probably be as much competition not to rule as there is among us to rule."