Digital Business Module

Bad website design examples

I have been looking for some good examples of how not to design a website to for my class on Digital Business and I stumbled across two great examples. The first one that I is this website at which feels like the ultimate in user experience design that has gone horribly wrong.This site does not seem to have any actual reason to exist other than to confuse the person visiting it. The site consists of strange animated visuals, no navigation and no information as to why it has been created. The website uses flash for the animations but that is no excuse and is a great example of how to frustrate a user who is looking for information about you or your organisation.

I also found this gem from which is a Norwegian store site that sells everything, just like Amazon, but with no idea on how to organise information on the screen. I wonder if Amazon had started out this way if they would have ever got off the ground. It is a site so full of information and pictures that I had no idea where to look first or how to find something I might want to buy!

There are many fun examples out on the web of poorly constructed websites. Which ones are your favourites and why?