Instructions: HTML Free Write


Have all students make a new bin.

The instructions given to the students tell them to make an HTML free write meaningful to them and their L&T experience--they might change the formatting or add images and links. Links to the Required Reading page and the full Table of Contents page are provided as a reminder for possible topics to incorporate. Students are also provided with links to example "Image Essays," which seek to make arguments through a medium different from just text.

This activity is open ended and students are encouraged to be creative. If they want to reuse work done on the earlier activities they are welcome to do so. It might be helpful if they add their first names to these new pages. You should also participate with your own page if you have one, or make a new one.

If students have been working with a partner on the same computer, they can make one page together or take turns making their own pages.

An example HTML Free Write page can be found here: EXAMPLE

When students are done making their own pages, follow the steps below to link them together in a random network. (If students want to continue sprucing up their pages, it makes for an interesting potential homework assignment).

Linking Pages:

  1. On a small slip of paper, have each student write down the JSBIN url for the output pane of their specific page. This should look like "". Each student's page has a unique 6 letter identifier.

  2. Put all the URLs in a hat or a bag for the students to pick from.

  3. Each student in turn picks one slip of paper and copies down the selected URL in their notebook. They then *return* the selected slip to the pool of slips. This means more than one student may select the same URL. This is okay! If a student picks their own URL, have them return it and pick a different one.

  4. All students should edit the pages they just created by adding a link to the JSBIN url they selected. This will link the students' pages together in a random fashion.

If you choose to do the optional Networking Activity during another session (link to instructions can be found on main instructions page), you will have a chance to explore the structure of this random page network.

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