WebAudio : audio effects and musical instruments in the browser

From JavaScript to WebAssembly, from simple examples to complete reproductions of commercial synthesizers and production quality effects

Yann Orlarey  is a french composer and computer music researcher. He is currently scientific director at GRAME. His research work focuses on real-time architectures of music systems, and programming languages for music composition and audio processing. He authored or co-authored more than 60 scientific papers and several music-oriented softwares. He is the designer and co-developer of FAUST (Functional Audio Stream), a functional programming language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and synthesis. His current research interests include efficient compilation and parallelization of signal processing programs, end-user programming, and preservation of signal processing programs using formal mathematical techniques.

Stéphane Letz , from GRAME National Center for Musical Creation is a research engineer graduated from INSA Lyon engineering school.   His research interests are related mainly to Formal Languages for the Musical Composition and Architecture for Musical Systems. He is the joint author of various systems and musical software like MidiShare or Elody. He developed the multiprocessor aware version of JACK low-latency audio server on OSX, Linux, Windows and Solaris. He is a co-author of the FAUST functional programing language for sound synthesis and audio processing. He received the best demo presentation award for his work “Compiling Faust audio DSP code to WebAssemby” at the last 2017 WebAudio conference.