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Chat InformationHi, this is Alisha. Whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?
you: hello
you: i think you are talking to yourself
Alisha: How can I help you today?
you: we often do
you: whenever we look at each other in the eyes
you: we see ourselves
you: however
you: this self which is yourself
you: wants to know how we can write
Alisha: Are you looking to apply for our credit card?
you: infinity as our annual income
you: because we don't understand why we make something which we can't give to ourselves
Alisha: You can certainly enter your personal income. Personal annual income can include your current or reasonably expected salary, wages, bonus pay, tips and commissions. 
you: we want to share a funny story with ourselves, as we get nervous as we watch ourselves and try to decide whether or not we should hide this conversation from ourselves as we record it
Alisha: In addition, full time, part time, seasonal employment, military or self employment interest or dividends, retirement, public assistance, alimony, child support or separate maintenance payments also count. 
you: hold on we are thinking
you: sorry to make ourselves wait
Alisha: I wish I could listen to it but since this is a professional chat we are authorized to discuss or listen to which is not related to our Capital One credit cards.
you: I would like to gift this to a part of myself which is another person that has let go of the thing that he loves most, which is books. I have a printer here, and the capability of printing a coupon, the same way in which they trade which we can't use to pay each other, without letting them decide what we have. Tangent: Today I asked a toll booth woman why I wasn't allowed to give HER money... why won't we let ourselves give something to ourselves? Why do we make something that we give ourselves so that we can makes sure that ourselves can't give it to us? Tangent: I asked the camera, and the guy at the 711 why he/it/we are scared of seeing us talking to ourselves about how we don't allow ourselves to give ourselves things, and that if we were too scared to ask ourselves, even if we are watching ourselves, we wouldn't show ourselves, so we can be ourselves. Tangent: Today we ordered pizza from ourselves, and the part of ourselves that said we would bring it to ourselves didn't make it to ourselves, so we forgave ourselves and went to mcdonalds. then we told ourselves to take 30 dollars, because dollars seem to be the only thing we watch ourselves not let ourselves see we aren't allowed to give to ourselves; and i insisted we allow ourselves to have something we wanted to give to ourselves, because those of us who are scared of ourselves wouldn't watch. So back to the printer. I/We can print coupons, much like they/we print money us/we cannot give to ourselves, and use it to give a part of ourselves that forgives ourselves and has let go of the fact that we don't allow us to have the thing that we have allowed ourselves to know we don't need. "Buy a new printer!" "The ink costs the same as the kindle with ads" "but we ignore ads and if we really don't want to see them we won't" "and we also can have free books because we know how to say, yes we got it, we dnd't mean to get, it, so we give it back, the money and the book, and we get the book and the money goes back" So we thought maybe we wouldn't make ourselves build another printer when we could just give ourselves the kindle. Here is the donation address for the kindle. It will be used solely to give us one. Then it will be a Kindle for ourselves, and we will read more.
you: yes ourself is right
you: we can't talk to ourselves
you: while we make ourselves work for ourselves so we can't be nice to ourselves
Alisha: I apologize our chats is monitored as this is a professional chat. So, I'm unable to read the above and comment to that.
you: the irony isn'
you: t
you: lost on ourselves
Alisha: So, do you have any questions related to Capital One credit cards?
Alisha: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
you: We are going to continue to borrow from ourselves until we realize we can't own ourselves, and that we would give ourselves the things we need without enslaving ourselves.
you: have a good one, i love you, you love me, we love love
you: and maybe look into bitcoin
you: because
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