Hi, I'm a Really Smart Heading

and i'm a smaller heading

Welcome New One Students!

This is jsbin, an online code editor. It lets you edit webpages "live" -- if you type some text in the HTML pane (on the left) you will see it appear in the output pane (on the right). Give it a try!

Hmm, notice all those other tabs you can activate -- CSS, Javascript, Console. I wonder what they do?

CSS is 'cascading style sheet' language. It controls how the HTML looks. Try changing something in there.

JavaScript turns an old-fashioned web page into the sleek, responsive objects we're used to seeing now. Check out that tab. What do you think that code does? It's (barely) hidden in the text. Try to change it a bit.

This is a paragraph with a link. Can you change this text? Can you change the address that the link sends you to when you click on it?

And here is an image. Note how I can go on and on and on and on la la la la lal al la la lal la and the text wraps around the image.

hey here i am but you can't see me