Prevents accidental window close.

Feel free to use this page in your browser to show a confirmation when the browser unload event is fired.

Instructions on using

To make use of this page you have to keep this page open in the browser always, you can either bookmark this page or set this page to open automatically on start-up.

  1. Bookmark the page
  2. When you are in a browsing session simply use the bookmark and keep this tab opened.


  1. Right click on the tab
  2. Pin this page's tab
  3. Now everytime you open Chrome this page will be there.


This is a simple static page created by me, Deepak Kamat, hosted on JSBin. The page is lightweight and uses no external libraries thus not impacting performance of your browser at all.

We will never ever create pop-ups or make your browser slow by injecting ads in your browser through this page. The code is public and if you like you can always fork it and use on your own web host..

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