Paulolol - One

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1- Dvbbstep :
     Style : Dubstep
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2- Alpha Centauri Prime :
     Style : House
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3- Freshstep :
     Style : House
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4- Welcome to the Perfect World :
     Style : Electro-House
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5- Let It Go : *
     Style : Liquid Drum & Bass
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Couplet / Verse 1 :
As I see sunshine
Coming to my window
I feel the desire
To come go the world

Couplet / Verse 2 :
Please don't slow me down
Cause I want to reach the top now
All we have to do
Is go with the floor

Refrain :
Try hard
Let loose
All the things
Burn arround
We go out and let it go
We go out and let it flow

Choeurs / Chorus Ad Libidum

Couplet / Verse 1

Couplet / Verse 2

Couplet / Verse 3 :
As I see moonlight
Coming to my window
I'm feeling fine
To give you my heart

Refrain x6

6- Ice Landscape :
     Style : Arctic Dubstep
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