Use Case XYZPDQ: Register for a new account

Start Location
User must not already be logged in; email address must not exist in database
Register for a new account


  1. Access the start location
  2. Locate the heading "Register"
  3. Locate the field labeled "E-mail Address"
  4. Gain focus on the field labeled "E-mail Address"
  5. Enter email address ( in the field labeled 'E-mail Address'
  6. Locate the field labeled "Password"
  7. Enter a password (password1) in the field labeled 'Password'
  8. Located the button labeled "Sign Up"
  9. Activate the button labeled 'Sign up'. Form is submitted.
  10. Verify message appears stating, "You have been successfully registered..."
  11. Verify email is sent with a confirmation link.