Emphasis & Formatting

Create your own spin on text by choosing a section of text from Vannevar Bush's As We May Think. Below is a short section from As We May Think, but you can feel free to choose any text you'd like to modify.

Tagging words as bold or italicized or underlined is an easy and effective way to change the presentation of the text.You can also add
change font style and font color, as well as the size and background color.

Redacted poetry is when words from a selected text are crossed-out by hand or otherwise made unreadable so the remaining words say something interesting (Examples by an artist working with newspapers here).

Alternatively, you can also use "comments," a tag that the browser ignores. HTML comments will appear in the source code but not the output! Using the HTML comment tag, comment out some of the words in the text so something neat is left viewable!

"A new symbolism, probably positional, must apparently precede the reduction of mathematical transformations to machine processes. Then, on beyond the strict logic of the mathematician, lies the application of logic in everyday affairs. We may some day click off arguments on a machine with the same assurance that we now enter sales on a cash register. But the machine of logic will not look like a cash register, even of the streamlined model."

Source: The Atlantic 1945.