Linking Language and Thinking with Code

Instructor Resources

Feel free to contact Sven Anderson ( and Keith O'Hara ( with any questions or concerns.

In-Class HTML Activity

Optional In-Class Networking Activity

The kits of wooden nickels and yarn can be checked out in Ludlow 101 (contact Rebecca).

Help Hotline

Bard students will be available by Google Hangout, Google Voice, phone, or text to answer any technical questions during the in-class HTML activity. They can be reached on or (845) 393-1621.

Coding Studios

Students should take a look at the studio descriptions and select the one that you're most interested in learning about. They should click on the link for that activity and sign up for the session you will be attending using their bard email address. Please select ONLY ONE session for reservations. We'll be taking attendance, so make sure you come to the session you signed up for! Contact Kathleen Burke at with any questions or changes to the session they have selected.

Programming with Robots (RKC 107)

Read and write algorithms to make robots sing and dance.

Learn to program Scribbler robots to take your picture, act as remote-controlled vehicles, play music, and perform a dance.

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Digital Literature (RKC 100)

Read and write algorithms that generate poetry and prose.

Students will be able to generate text based on famous works and modify their own poetry-generating Python program.

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Computer Graphics (Albee 100)

Read and write algorithms to create virtual fish and software mirrors.

Use Processing to program your own webcam filters and create your own animations.

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