Kloudless Data Mapper Demo


Visit our Knowledge Base for documentation and more information. Edit this JS Bin to view the full JavaScript.

Step 1: Connect a user’s account using the Authenticator

Connect an account and save its token via the callback.

const authButton = document.getElementById("launch-auth");
const authOptions = {"client_id": APP_ID, "scope": "crm accounting"};
Kloudless.auth.authenticator(authButton, authOptions, (result) => {
  window.accountToken = result.access_token;

Step 2: Prompt the user to map data

The example below prompts the user to map Contact fields.

const mapper = new Kloudless.mapper();
  appId: APP_ID,
  kloudlessObjectName: "contact",
  // The bearer token to the user's account from Step 1
  token: window.accountToken,